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The snail that showed us our success

The snail that showed us our success

Today I was walking in the park in the morning.Roblox Free Unlimited Robux and Tix

As it was raining, i see many snails smashed along the pavement.
Then I spotted a snail that was in the middle of the pavement struggling to get across.
I was thinking that at that speed, it will probably be smashed by the next person who walks over it.
So I took a leave and gently taps the snail to frighten it so that it will retreat into it’s shell.
This is because the snail is firmly rooted on the surface of the pavement.
With the snail shrug back into it’s shell, I was able to lift it up and place it at the other side of the grass were it was trying to get to.
This way hopefully no one will step on it.

Then a random thought came upon me.
I wonder how it would be from the view of the snail.
Imagine making a life and death cross over to the other side.
And in the middle of it all, someone comes and stop you from moving and forces you back into your shell.

It’s probably terrifying.
And it probably thinking that he’ll never get to the other side and it’s gonna die like all other of his friends that went before him.
However, he still made it to the other side.
It probably will think, that it got attacked by some ferocious creature and his shell has protected it.
When everything is over, he came out of the shell and his surrounding suddenly changed to green pastures.

Perhaps it’ll think that unlike those that went before him and failed, he fought hard and persevered.
In the end, he reap the fruit of his labour.

So a gentle reminder to myself.
Although I work hard and persevered.
There can be no success unless someone of a higher level, Jesus, that lifts us up in the first place.
Or else we’ll just die like all other hosting companies that went before us.
We are here where we are, because God lifts us up and place us here.
So thanks so much to the big man who helped us.
And not forgetting all our friends, business partners and customers that supported us!
Thank you all!

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